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Printeriors 2016 - Showcase highlights 

Take a look at the show highlights for Printeriors 2016!

Take a tour!    

Lead by the Printeriors Curator, Jennifer Castoldi, see what each stand had to offer last year at the show and the wide variety of opportunities in print.

Keynote speaker at the Printeriors Conference 2016 - Alberto Alessi

Alberto Alessi, head of the world-famous design factory that bears his name, speaks out of his appearance at Printeriors 2016 and reveals his theory of contemporary design management.

President of Grant Graphics explains why he visited the Printeriors Conference 2016

Skip Grant, President of Grant Graphics discusses why he decided coming to the Printeriors Conference 2016, organised by FESPA, and which sessions impressed him most.

Skip Grant visits Printeriors 2016

Skip Grant looks ahead to the Printeriors Conference. Grant Graphics is the leading supplier of large-format printers, supplies and support in the USA.